Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why am I so fascinated by the English Monarchy right now?

Don't know. Trying to figure out the whole *royal family* thing.
I think it started a few years back when I was charmed by the BBC production of "Lorna Doone".
Interestingly, this was set in the very time period I am studying right now ( reign of Charles II)...and involved the conflict at the time which involved the King, his brother, who was next in line for the throne ( a Catholic the protestants in England did not want as a King) and his illegitimate son, the Duke of Monmouth, who ( being protestant) tried to assert his claim to the throne once his father died. I suppose the whole Catholic/protestant conflict in England is quite interesting to me, as well. Because the protestants did not want a Catholic King SO badly they overthrew James II and put a German King (Hanoverian line) on the throne. So much to digest there. :) George III of the American Revolution fame was in that family, as well as Queen Victoria.
To further make my head spin, Charles II's own father, Charles I, was executed by his own government. Of course, that is a simplistic explanation, but it is rather mind-blowing ( for that time period, anyway....when I assumed the monarchy was the ultimate ruling entity.) It took 20 years for Charles II to regain the throne and during that period, England was without a King or Queen and was ruled by parliament!

Maybe someday I will figure it all out. :)


radical royalist said...

After the beheading of King Charles I his son was proclaimed King Charles II. England and Scotland had a king, but he lived in exile. During this period it was hardly parliament that ruled the country, but it was the military dictator Oliver Cromwell, the self styled Lord Protector. His son Richard inherited that title, but he failed as a dictator, because he was not as ruthless as Oliver.

Kris said...

Thank you for clarifying that Mr Radical :)
I'll get it all figured out(and hopefully be able to articulate clearly what went on)sooner or later!

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