Wednesday, September 3, 2008

For Today....tidying up after a busy weekend.

Outside my Window… sunny and warm.

I am thinking…..I'm actually doing this before Friday.

I am thankful for…a new bike

From the kitchen…the only thing new I tried this week was *blue cheese butter* for some steaks we grilled. I have since discovered it is pretty tasty on toasted pita....although I'm ignoring what the possible calorie count is.

I am creating…..well, I went on a sewing binge over the weekend. I guess because doing school for the past couple weeks has made me realize how few and far between time for sewing will be.

4 pillows

a curtain, table skirt and curtain/cover for an ugly shelf in my sewing room

fabric liner for my wicker clothes hamper

arm rest covers for a chair

cushions for the child's rocker in living room

I am going…..WE are going camping this weekend. Yahoo! First trip all summer, even though summer is almost over :)

I am wearing .....Indian skirt with orangey rust/black/beige/green in it, orangey-rust t-shirt, ball cap ( what else?) and flip earrings :)

I am reading....Aristocrats.....

I am hoping…I can get a camping trip together without too much stress ;) The sheer amount of work/organization/planning/preparation is starting to hit me. But it's all worth it, right? ;)

I am hearing....the three littles chittering and chatting

Around the house…finally cleaned out our horrible refridgerators. HAZ-MAT comes to mind.

One of my favorite things…packages with fun items coming in the mail ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week…CAMPING.....enough said. ;)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you… Labor day festivities.....

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