Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ball cap mishap

I'm not really sure why I wear ball caps. They don't look particularly attractive on me as my husband and sons will attest to. :) I have such a dislike for having hair touching my face I will stoop to any low to keep it off of it. (For instance, my hair looks much better down and framing my face but I ALWAYS wear it pulled back in a clip or pony tail).

This being the case I am always on the lookout for a cute new cap to wear on *those* bad hair days. Or when I need something to keep the sun away from my face.

Since I buy most of my attire at thrift stores, this is where I usually find my stock. One time I was perusing the hat department to find a brown one, since I have several brown pieces in my wardrobe....and I, of course, must match. I was delighted to find a sturdy one with a benign "X" on it. I wore it a few times before one of my sons said "Mom, why are you wearing an *X* games hat??"

Nothing wrong with the *X* games, of course, if you are into that kind of thing......but a 43 year old mom wearing one? Alas, no Sk8tr girl, am I.

My next foible ( see above picture) was find a navy blue one with the words *St Pauli Girl* on it. Being a Catholic, I was excited to find one with what I thought was the logo for a Catholic School or Church. I have never heard of a St Pauli, but hey-- I am always learning new things about my beloved faith.

Well, today Naomi and I were out to lunch and looking over the beverage menu only to find one of the selections was "St Pauli" beer.

I don't have anything against beer, either ( except I hate the taste of the stuff).....
still, I think it might send the wrong message. Mother of 10 sporting a beer logo hat.
Ha HA ha

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