Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Simple Woman’s Daybook for July 28, 2008

Don’t forget to stop by Peggy’s for all the links entered in this week’s Simple Woman’s Daybook.

For Today..... cleaning and organizing. Zoo tonight ( members only night with free train rides :)

Outside my Window… Bright and sunshine-y. Lovely.

I am thinking…..still about school stuff. I'd love to get started on a small scale next week.

I am thankful for…a gaggle of healthy, happy kids.

From the kitchen…tried a new recipe last night. Campfire hash.......basically the hashbrown/sausage and egg casserole we all love but cooked in a pan on the stove. It was a hit. Much better for the summer so we don't have to heat up our oven ( which only works on and off anyway :) Strawberry freezer jam was made on Sunday...didn't set well, but the flavor was divine.

I am creating…..lesson plans, and a more organized living space, hopefully.

I am going…..to the zoo tonight, homeschool mtg tomorrow, kids have art classes Thurs/Fri. The graduation party was a lot of fun!

I am wearing…khaki shorts, green t shirt, black slides.

I am reading…Exiles

I am hoping…a health issue will be resolved.

I am hearing..Ella playing with her *WIggles* drum Gotta love those Wiggles tunes :)

Around the house…organizing everything!!! Noah is working on patching up all the holes in the drywall ( and there are quite a few! Why do we live in houses that have drywall or carpet? :)

One of my favorite things…being out in the country ( as we were on Sunday). So good for the soul.

A few plans for the rest of the week…finishing school stuff. A must.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…Naomi is really impressing me with her photography skills lately! She has an eye for it! A few of her recent shots.

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