Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, George~!!!!

George turns 10 years old today!
He was the *baby* for longest ( so far :) and continues to be universally adore by his siblings. It doesn't hurt that he is a good little soul and is always concerned about doing the right thing.
His impending birth ushered us into the land of 15 passenger vans :) ( being #7). We purchased our first one the very night before his birth and I rode to the hospital in it the next morning.

I guess on a bittersweet note, we always remember that Grandpa and Irene were married the day before George was born and that was the reason we didn't make it up to Michigan to witness it.
They would have been married 10 years this year had Dad not passed away.

Happy, Happy Birthday our dear young man!

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