Thursday, July 10, 2008

Simple Women's Daybook

Simple Woman’s Daybook for July 14, 2008

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For Today..... I am furiously trying to clean since a heat wave is on the way. With no central air, the heat zaps the life out of us most of the time :)

Outside my Window… A bright, sunny day and about 80 degrees. My favorite summer weather. I've got some ideas for sprucing up the backyard, and it is cleaner than it has been.

I am thinking…a lot about plans to do up a basement bedroom. I've got so many ideas and fun things to decorate it with.

I am thankful for…that we live near beautiful lakes....and now a beautiful park.

From the kitchen…the oven felt like working today so I made an apple crumb pie ( George's request for his belated birthday dinner, he wanted to wait until brothers arrived home) blueberry muffins and chicken linquine. I got bananas out to make banana bread, but didn't get to it. I also made a marinade for our steaks, but that didn't involve the oven. ;)

I am creating…gosh- more pillows, a chair cover, a bookcase cover ( to cover a cheap bookcase). A chair pad cover.

I am going…to VBS this week, a graduation party and....that'll do it ;) We also took a walk/bike ride ( depending on the person) to our new park today and went to the lake (Huron) yesterday.

I am wearing…khaki bermudas, a coral and white ( with a thin stripe of aqua) polo and aqua thongs ( on my feet, that is).

I am reading…"The No-S Diet" ( another on my research list of eating plans....or maybe instead of saying research I mean that the more books I can find on the subject the longer I can put off actually trying to lose weight and eat better ;). "Thomas Jefferson's Women" "All the President's Children" "White House Families".

I am hoping…for a resolution to an issue this week and time to go to a new oratory I found nearby.

I am hearing…Ratatouille on tv, Ella chatting and singing.

Around the house…the laundry room is done but for a few knick knacks I want to hang on the wall! If I could only get the upstairs cleaned and the family room needs a total overhaul...although I don't see that happening this week. Maybe.

One of my favorite things…sitting on the beach and reading.

A few plans for the rest of the week…sewing, maybe I can start painting the basement, cleaning,

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

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