Monday, July 14, 2008


Poor little Ella. Number 10. I can't exactly use that excuse because I have been bad at doing "baby books" since #7 or so. Ah well- she is 18 months now working on 19. She walks, she talks, she sings, she is still nursing, she eats well, she is a daredevil, she has a temper ( must be the red-hair, that is what everyone says, anyway ;) she is a tough cookie ( must be all those brothers) she is a joy and a delight. She has a fabulous smile, she is a snuggler and loves to be held and gives the best hugs. She can say all her siblings names except Manny comes out as "Mimi". She also says; shoes (loves em!...her mother's daughter :), eat, seat, sit, pizza, bye bye, I don't know, NO!, mine, daddy, papa, num a num ( her word for nursing) night night, sleep, feet, mouth, and my! She counts 1, 2, free, _____( can't say 4) 5.

anyway, she has a good volcabulary. It freaks us out at times because the boys usually have stayed silent ( after Al) until they were 3 :) She hums "Go to sleep, go to sleep" "Larry Boy" and "Where is my hairbrush?" I call her my *little dolly* because I have more fun dressing her even if it is just the most basic of apparel. All the shades of pink, purple, coral, peach.....colors I am rediscovering :)

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Therese said...

well you may not have a baby book (I haven't since number 4) but you have a blog that will be just as good to look back on in the future.

I love baby girls.

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