Monday, March 1, 2010

We made it to March!

Room re-arranging
A little sewing
More flowers
Waiting for the snow to melt along with you, St Francis!
Trying to come up with new and exciting ways to curb cabin fever.
Think Spring!

Outside my window: Dark, but yesterday it was sunny and over 40.

I am thinking... I miss San Francesco. We went yesterday because we were in the area. I love that little parish.

I am thankful ....Helpers of all sizes and shapes.

From the schoolroom..... Just chugging along.

From the kitchen .....Hmmm, nothing new there, either.

I am reading and watching and listening to:

Listened to:

Started "Shannon" Did not finish before I had to take it back to the library.
Trying "The Secrets of Bees" by Laurie King
Finished "The River" by Tricia Westvadt which was terrific.


Alexander II; The Last Great Tsar

Watched: The winner of the week was finding "Lark Rise to Candleford" a BBC miniseries based on the book of the same name. Very heartwarming.

One of my favorite things: Clearance flowers!

What will we do this week: I finally tried out a branch of the "Paint Creek Trail" yesterday. It was certainly lovely, but snow covered. I found myself musing the whole way how nice it will be to travail it once it is spring/summer. Wonder if it gets crowded then. There were a few people out...some jogging (?!?) I'm sure walking (trudging :) in the snow means extra calories burned. I made it 2 miles but also kept thinking I could've gone farther if not for the snow. :) We'll see.
The bulk of the week will be cleaning out the old house. Enough said or I'll start with the moaning and gnashing of teeth. And who do I have to blame but myself? :) Dentist appts for Manny and I.

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