Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

Manny was down with the stomach flu. Are you feeling a little queasy looking at that crazy mixture of prints and colors?
I really gave some thought as to why I love dishes so much. What I came up with is that it is probably because there are so many colors and patterns available. Like fabric. And probably why things like electronics and cars and computers bore me. Not that I don't appreciate the services they provide. I suppose I am a person who is visually stimulated by things.

Well, I didn't put these pictures in order. This was supposed to be an "after".
Pile # 2 of junk.
Goodwill pile.
Pile 1 of junk....the "before" shot.
My twin working crew.
Yes, we actually got a dumpster to deal with it all!

Outside my window: It is dark, but I've noticed it is getting light much earlier. Of course that happens every year.... LOL..... but it's always exciting once you notice it for the first time. Highs in the low 50's coming up! Ya-HOO!
(The LOL is for you, Sissy!)

I am thinking---about how to arrange our week. There is one more day of work cleaning out the old house. Should I take a chance and send Noah over to finish up or are my services ( ie: supervision ;) necessary?

From the schoolroom: Meh.......

From the kitchen: Well, how about from the shopping cart? ;) I made a little visit to "Trader Joe's" yesterday. There are all sorts of interesting stores around here. Trader Joe's, Papa Joe's,"Joe Randazzo, Vince and Joe's .....the kids and I were musing why so many "markets" include the name "Joe" here in the Detroit area. They are lovely places with fun items, but way out of my budget for everyday shopping. Thank goodness there is a Kroger nearby.

I am reading and watching:

Naomi and I finished the first season of "Lark Rise to Candleford" and are eagerly awaiting a netflix delivery of season 2!

Trying to chew through "Alexander II". I don't seems to jump around a lot. I think I say that about books a bit too often. Maybe it is my problem. :) It is quite a window into Russian history, so I feel it would be beneficial to finish it.

Cute kid sayings and doings: Manny "I just LOVE being nutty!" "Will everyone keep it down in here, I'm trying to do schoolwork!" I guess you'd have to know Manny to appreciate that statement. He's only 5 and schoolwork (what little he has) generally seems to be the least of his priorities most of the time. ;)
Last night I had 3 yo Gabriella going through my closest and picking out outfits for me ( the pieces she could reach:)
Probably there are any number of 3 yo girls who would do this, but I just can't get over it! :)

What we will do this week: Well, what we did LAST week was clean out the old house. It was time. And as we were waiting for warmer and less snowy weather we were very much blessed to have both. I felt like I had a full time job....leaving the house every morning and coming home at dinner time every night, supervising a work crew, lifting and hauling this, that and the other. Thankfully, Tim got Friday off and was able to step in. The funny thing is that he said the old homestead was a buzz with people checking out our castoffs and even what was in the dumpster! I felt like posting a sign saying "Beware! This is what got ME into trouble!" :)
This week looks to be a bit saner and even warmer. I am wondering if we can sneak in a trip to the zoo!

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