Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last week was a gift! 3-14-10

One of my painting projects.
Little white table with a swath of contact paper. A cute combo.
The snow melted away, a family soccer game and kids in their shirt sleeves~! Yes, even big bro Al joined in!
Warm enough even for the first trip to the zoo of the season!
Jed, glorying in the fact the he only needs to wear a sweatshirt outside.
Gabs and Manny being transported about by the ever faithful George. He wouldn't let me pull the wagon the entire time. What a chivalrous fellow. :)
I think the monkeys *were* doing something cute....but obviously it wasn't caught in this shot. ;)

Outside my window: Rainy and a bit chilly, but the good stuff can't last forever. Especially in March.

I am thinking---it seemed only a week ago there was one lone bird singing when you went outside. Now there is a perfect chorus of them.

From the schoolroom: Only 60 more calendar days of school. Enough said!

From the kitchen: Grilled our first hamburgers and chicken this year outside due to the stunning weather.

I am reading and watching:

Watching season 2 of "Lark Rise to Candleford" What WILL we do when we have to wait for season 3 to make it's appearance, gosh knows when?

Found the book at the library and it is wonderfully charming, besides being a very interesting glimpse of rural English life before the Industrial revolution.

Listening to: Got hooked on a series of mysteries by Laurie King about Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes. Funny, because I've never read a "true" Sherlock Holmes story. They are very well written and mostly devoid of anything too torrid, so I like them.

Around the house: The nice weather afforded me the opportunity to paint some badly nicked up furniture. Hoo boy, once you move furniture and see it out of it's usual context, there is a stark reminder of some sprucing up needed. I also found some cans of a nice color of green spray paint ( can't think what I originally bought it for) that I did a couple pieces with and am very pleased with. :)

Cute kid sayings and doings: Jed commented one day after school "Math is fun!". I think I need to tape record that and play it back once he starts algebra. ;)

What we will do this week: Soccer stuff (physical, notarized papers) for Naomi, and the girl's confirmation looms quite near now, so no more skipping catechism this month. :) Over due dr appt for me. Meal to a new mom. St Patrick's day!
Maybe a visit with a friend coming into town for a couple days.

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Mostly Diane said...

Love the duck feeding sign.

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