Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Manny was so geeked about having pazcki's for breakfast this morning ( and probably a little geeked up on the sugar, as well:) They are a "Fat Tuesday" tradition. We were writing letters for our pretend mailbox and he felt inspired to write "donut" on one, so he went and got the box of pazcki's to find out how to spell it. Works for us. ;) A pazcki is the epitome of a donut in my book.

We found this book at the library yesterday. Substitute "Ruth" for "Sarah" and you could have "Ella Ruth ( one of Gabriella's nicknames :) Gets Dressed". This book fits her to a "t" right down to the tea party at the end. :)
You gotta love it when your 3 yo is at Target and has no interest in looking at toys, just the clothes department. ;)

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