Monday, March 29, 2010

It was a big week......

Field trip on how maple syrup is made ( the real kind). We had many warm days last week, but Friday was NOT one of them. :)
Interesting stuff but BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
Our docent explaining photosynthesis. :)
A nice, elderly man gave Manny a dollar at the dr's office.
Naomi Grace Cecilia's confirmation. Everyone sans Al. ( who had to work)
A year or so ago Jed thrilled to wear a suit and tie. Not so much now. :(
G is ready to party!
Anne ( sponsor) Naomi and Monsignor Zenz who confirmed the group. Shiny forehead is from the chrism ( women must explain these things!)
Charlito in one of his "bright" ensembles.
A Sissy face. Our beautiful daughter. We're so proud of her! And the lovely Anne, both physically and a great choice for a spiritual sponsor.
The confirmands at San Francesco

Of course I forgot pictures of Sunday's shin dig. It was a nice gathering. Dyl made lasagna with sausage and peppers on the side. Garlic toast and salad with homemade creamy garlic to round things out. Cakes and pies galore from Neana and co. The Michigan State game overtook things for awhile ( I must say, an exciting one, this said from a non sports fan :) We embarrassed Naomi with some cute videos of her in younger years. Anne got to meet the family and then some.

Outside my window: Did I hear 70 this week!?!?! Even Easter Day is supposed to be in the 60's. I honestly can't remember a warm-ish Easter in recent history. We might actually be able to wear an Easter outfit to mass instead of parka, books, and a balaclava!

I am thinking--about how to make this week especially thoughtful.

From the schoolroom: Well, we found some laminating sheets and the kids had no end of fun laminating pictures they colored. Funny how such simple things can bring lots of good times. Jed has really been inspired to read "Fantastic Mr Fox" ....well, mostly we read it to him, but it is nice to see him so interested in a book. I guess I will give the film industry a high five for that ( even though we have yet to see the film :)

From the kitchen: One of the more memorable meals of the week was some Salmon I found for less than 7.00 a lb (gasp!) and fettuccine Alfredo that Dylan made. Not sure it was a penitential meal, but it oh so yummy.

I am reading and watching:

Watching season 2 of "Lark Rise to Candleford" What WILL we do when we have to wait for season 3 to make it's appearance, gosh knows when? (Only one more episode to go.....wahhhhhh!)

Found the book at the library and it is wonderfully charming, besides being a very interesting glimpse of rural English life before the Industrial revolution.

Listened to: On Agate Hill by Lee Smith

This one was set in South Carolina post Civil War. It got me to thinking about how so many novels I read or listen to have an irritating common theme. Whatever interesting sub plots there are going on, the stories usually focus on one or more of the following:
A) A spirited, independent minded girl/woman who is adored by the common folk but not by the powers that be. No matter what era it is she is always the feminist or pre-feminist, going against the oppressive grain of society.
B) The fact that she usually falls in love with with a likewise free spirited man who sweeps her off her feet and she is so taken with him she doesn't mind his free-wheeling ways or even infidelity! I suppose there could be women like that but anyone I've known who has dealt with such in a relationship find it to be an earth shattering, gut wrenching experience.
C) Generally she is impoverished but by some benevolence of providence she comes into a terrific fortune.


Finishing my thought. It's not that there is anything objectionable about any of those scenarios per se. It's mostly the redundancy of them. You can't categorically "dis" modern authors for this either, because Jane Austen is as guilty of it as Laurie R. King. I was recently browsing a list of Modern Library's "100 Great Novels" and I thought about the fact that most of the women characters in said books ( the ones I've read) haven't necessarily fit into these categories. Maybe that is the difference between a great novel and one that is a pleasant diversion. And as I can't bring all my thoughts about this subject into a coherent paragraph, I will leave off. :)

Around the house: Did some spring cleaning. There are still some big jobs in the basement and garage. ( Did I say "some"? :)

Cute kid sayings and doings:
I was helping Gabriella get dressed for the day and handed her a clean pair of underwear. Jed drolly commented "I don't change my underwear everyday! What is the point?"

Grade for mom on teaching her kids proper hygiene. F. A. I. L

Jed (7) to Gabriella (3) while she played with her doll. "You are talking to a plastic, inanimate object?!?"

What we will do this week: Prepare our hearts and minds for Easter! Easter Egg hunt with an old friend on Saturday. Lots of shopping and planning for the weekend. If the temperatures will be as they say they will, I'm sure we will be out and about. We found the most charming nature park right near our house. A nice play scape and lovely trails to bike and walk on. The added bonus was that there was almost no one there. Not that we like to avoid all contact with other humans :) but it helps to have the road to yourself when there are wild and woolly bike -riders in your pack.

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