Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holy Week and Easter

G helping me make garlic toast. She did pretty well!
It was even warm enough for squirt guns!
G insisted on wearing these all thru Meijer. It gave all the grandma's a smile. ;)
Coloring Easter eggs.

Happy campers!

The girls. The bluish cast around G's mouth was from an Easter Basket ring pop, not any respiratory issues. :)
Noah and Naomi....best buds. :)
Abbreviated family photo. George was sick, Al was working.
Ready for some Easter grub!

Easter egg hunt!


Lisa C. Vrazo said...

That is a great photo of you and the kids, you guys look great :)

I love those flower pots and of course your usually beautiful table spread!

Kris said...

Aww, thanks, Lisa!
IKEA napkins and table covering. Love them! :)

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