Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daybook for the week of December 15th

For Today....I am finally starting to feel human again! :) cough, cough, sniff, sniff, sneeze.

Outside my Window…dark. Winter Storm Warning tonight. Will it be a foot of snow or another of the weatherman's blah blah blah that turns out to be nothing? ;)

I am thinking…..should my travelers just stay put?

I am thankful for….nyquil and sudafed.

From the kitchen

Somehow, we managed to make thumbprints and fudge this week before I couldn't get out of bed anymore :) Yes, we did get the melted plastic out of the stove!

I am creating….. Naomi and I made notecards with her pictures. I made some more hair clips.

I am wearing ......light blue sweatpants, pink, green, light blue and white striped knit top, gray hoodie and my striped scarf. Yes, I have given up. ;) ;)

I am reading.... Theodosia Burr.

I finished the Unredeemed Captive. Like so many books I find at library sales or thrift stores, while this one looked interesting at the start, it wasn't until I got into it that I realized how interesting to me it REALLY was. Almost providential. Probably providential. :)

I am hoping…..I can just get back to normal sometime REAL soon. How long have I been sick or somewhat sick? Exactly a week today, I think. I really am kind of a whiner, though. If I'm not over a cold or something like that in 3 days I get all out of sorts. I don't think that is realistic. ha ha ha.

I am hearing....some cartoon on tv. oh, too much tv watching this week! ugh!

Around the house…can't even say, and don't want to know. :)

One of my favorite things: a snow storm ( when I don't have to drive in it :)

A few plans for the rest of the week…..well, we don't even have our Christmas tree up yet. Hopefully that will happen before the week is through. ;)

A picture I am sharing with you..... Our basketball *star* Dylan. :) I think the Panther's are 6 (wins) and 1 (losses) so far. Way to go, guys!

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abivrazo said...

no! They should not stay put...

we want to see at least a few of you... can't wait.

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