Monday, December 22, 2008

Behind the curtain......

A lot of times you hear complaints about not getting the whole picture when visiting other women's blogs. IE: only the good stuff is posted.
Well, I'm not sure that is such a bad thing. Who wants to broadcast all their warts on the world wide web? ;) I do understand, however, the *issues* associated with that complaint.
I have another take on it, though.

I know when I post pictures Naomi has taken ( because I never take pictures:) what draws me to them is there is something of beauty or attraction in them. I know a lot of times mother's ( especially those with littles) don't always have things around the house the way they'd like them to be.....
tidy, clutter free, organized, in tip top shape. So when I see a picture of something from our house that actually *looks* good (or I think looks good :) it makes my heart sing. Even though that one thing may, in reality, be surrounded by dirt and disorder....there is stands. It might be an edited version of what is our reality, but also may be a testament to what I would like things to be, and hope they someday may be. :) Little pockets of beauty or order that say " I am here! You just have to look a little to find me...or see me isolated from the rest to know I am REALLY there." :)
So, it is not always hiding, I think. It just well may be....hoping....or just focusing on little reminders of what we are working toward. Or sacrificing until a new season of life comes about.

And if pondered correctly, not a great sacrifice all....

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Kris said...

Sorry sorry mom all my pics are on Dads memory stick sooo.... Youll have to wait. Sorry.


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