Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Week Daybook, December 22, 2008

For Today....Christmas Eve. I think we will finish Christmas cookies. We will have our traditional CE dinner of chicken wings :) and open a few presents. The older boys will go to midnight mass, the littles and I will go tomorrow.

Outside my Window…dark. I hope our winter wonderland won't be washed away by the rain predicted today. :(

I am thinking….3. More. Days.

I am thankful for….once again, my dear sil Neana and sweet niece, Gwen, who came over and helped boost morale in SO many ways on Monday!!

From the kitchen…cornflake wreaths, thumbprints and if I am ambitious enough, dried cherry and pecan shortbread. Chicken wings, tomato bruschetta, carrot and celery sticks with blue cheese dressing and christmas cookies for dinner.

Christmas day dinner: Pork Loin, cheesy potatoes, rolls, haricot verts. Fruit pizza for dessert.

I am creating….. dishpan hands. I don't think I have washed this many dishes in years! ( although it is a chore I like to do, usually the kids who are away handle dishwashing duty for the three meals)

I am wearing ......grey sweats, white and blue gap long sleeve t, crocs and of course-- a winter headband. LOL!

I am reading.... Theodosia Burr.

I am hoping…..that the lessons I am learning this week will stay with me. I've had several insights into many situations.

I am humming.

Around the house…well, since we are off school and I attending to lots of little housekeeping details that seem to go undone ( or even unnoticed!), but there are lots more.

I'd sure like to paint the little boys room before break is over and there is a bit of sewing to do.

One of my favorite things: a well stocked pantry. I am amazed at how the food supply is holding up with only 5 less people here. Of course most of those 5 are the large food consumers in the family, so it makes sense.:)

A few plans for the rest of the week…..besides Christmas and the like, I'd really like to hit an after Christmas sale on Friday and stock up on my dwindling Christmas wrap supply, and a few sets of lights bit the dust this year. I think if I go early enough I might be able to beat the crowd? The family should arrive home late Friday night and we will have our *family* Christmas Saturday. Hmmm...what to make for dinner?

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