Thursday, December 11, 2008

Daybook for week of December 8th

For Today....I just don't know. It seems I caught a cold from my darling husband.
I went to bed at 6:30 pm last night so here I am up @ 3:30. I know Jed will be up in an hour so is it even worth trying to go back to bed? ;)

Outside my Window…dark, but a brilliant full moon. Cold, yes, definitely cold.

I am thinking…..Can Christmas REALLY be just two weeks away?

I am thankful for…..zicam and emergen-cee, which helps one to function when under the weather.

From the kitchen…just in time for Christmas baking.......Jed put a plastic cutting board in the oven that is proving to be a REAL pain to scrape off. Super, industrial strength, plastic, obviously. Maybe this is God's way of saying Christmas baking doesn't need to happen this year. :)

I did try a new ( stove top) recipe this week. Chicken and goat cheese quesidillas. Purty good.

I am creating….. I think Jed will bean me if we don't make salt dough ornaments today. I guess the toaster oven will have to do.

I am wearing ......I don't think I even want to say. I was too tired to take off my (beige) sweatshirt vest and orange undershirt last night and pulled on some black sweats I found laying around. I'm cold, so I am also wearing a brown sweater. Scary.

I am reading.... "The Unredeemed Captive".

I am hoping…..I feel better soon. This isn't the greatest time of year to be sick........but really, what time of year is?

I am hearing....just me typing.

Around the house…Well, I finally got my first floor back in order, only to bring down ALL the boxes of Christmas stuff to clutter it up again. Perhaps I just really don't like order all that much after all.

One of my favorite things: a decent family picture.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..basket ball game, payday shopping, girl's night out.....lots of Christmas prep.

A picture I am sharing with you.....

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