Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Daybook October 20, 2008

For Today....Went to Aldi, went to the library, did school, tried to clean up :) made banana bread and sugar cookie dough for pumpkin cutouts tomorrow. A usual day.

Outside my Window… it was bright and sunny earlier, but kind of cool.

I am thinking…..about the election.

I am thankful for….. maybe a bit odd, but "re-inactors". We had a grand time at the Civil War encampment on Sunday......the park was so beautiful with fall descending upon it and with the old mill and all in their 19th century garb, you could almost imagine yourself in another time. It must be such a labor of love for those people. They do such a nice job at giving the public a glimpse of history. Clap, clap, hurrah!

From the kitchen… stated, banana bread, pumpkin cut outs. I was on the list to make Mr Mc Alpine lunch this week and for such a small thing, it was fun. I found a cute basket and lined it with a matching cloth napkin. I used some fall-ish paper plates and napkins. I packaged everything up and felt like a caterer. Maybe I am a bit sheepish about how *into* I get about these things.....;) I made him a bbq chicken wrap with grilled onions, greek salad, a plate of assorted cheese and crackers, 7-layer bars and an apple. :)

I am creating…..well, the kids and I made the ever obligitory paper pumpkins to hang on the window ( not obligitory in a cranky sense, just that we do it every fall). We did a *TMNT turtle" ( wonder who's idea that was?) A "Larry Boy" ( ditto!) and Ella just made a plain old jack o lantern. We also tried making fire chasers ( which is what people in the Colonial period used to warn of fire). They sort of turned out like an Indian instrument....but the boys had a blast punding holes in the bottle caps :)

I need to make Noah a halloween cape. I think I have made a cape every year for *someone* at Halloween since Alex first started going out! ( He started it all off by wanting to be Batman:)

I am wearing ...jeans, a black shortsleeved babydoll top with a black, blue and lavendar under-long sleeved t-shirt.

I am reading.... "Imperial Lady"

I am hoping…..we get a new refrigerator at some point. It's rough only having one with our brood! :) Ditto on that one, there has been some progress with Maytag replacing it but it's always held up with bureaucratic nuttiness :)

I am hearing...."Cars" and Ella crabbing.

Around the house…still need to paint and re-cover the dining room chairs.

One of my favorite things: A good BBC drama. Found another one--Bleak House. I finished it last night and am sorry about that!

A few plans for the rest of the week…..I really hope to just stay around the house this weekend and catch up on housework. It looks to be the kind of weekend that will be good for :)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…Ella Belle and I at a recent trip to the zoo. Nita commented that we were dressed alike and I guess we sort of were. I didn't realize it as we got dressed, but I guess I just think in a certain color scheme depending upon the day ;)

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