Monday, October 13, 2008

Daybook October 13th 2008

For Today....Had to super clean the kitchen since the refrigerator repair man was scheduled to come this afternoon. He decided to come early. :( So, I spent about a half hour running around in a frenzy. When will I ever learn?
Whisked the littles out of the house so the repairman could work in peace :) ...but it was awful nice getting to go to the park today! George George was especially lovely with fall descending upon it. Lots of errands after that.

Outside my Window… Dark now, but it WAS the quintessential perfect fall day.

I am thinking…..about too many things these days. I have to remember thoughts don't always equal reality.

I am thankful for….. peace reigns again here at the Vrazo house :)

From the kitchen…..lots of cookies and cupcakes this week, some to give away, some to keep. The cupcakes today were to celebrate Columbus day. I was going to try and make them look like little *worlds*, but I think I am too tired now. Eating them will do :) We DID have spaghetti last night ( which was officially the day Colombus landed, and he was from Italy...there's the connection...right?

I am creating…..I really organized my closet on Saturday, which is fun to look at :) Not very creative, but it gives the same feel to me :)

I am wearing ...peach skirt with gray, gold and cream flowers ( some burgandy, too). gray knit shirt with a white one under. burgandy flip flops.

I am reading.... nearly finished "American Scoundrel" and really enjoying "Imperial Lady"

I am hoping…..we get a new refrigerator at some point. It's rough only having one with our brood! :)

I am hearing....The Red WIng game.......what else this time of year? ;)

Around the house…still need to paint. I think we are having the family over in a week or so, so maybe that will motivate me to get going ;)

One of my favorite things: an unseasonably warm fall day. I love the way the leaves have a tangy scent when the hot sun hits them. I was also able to finish some outdoor painting!

A few plans for the rest of the week…..I think we might revisit Stoney Creek again tomorrow while Noah and Naomi have their classes. It is supposed to be nice one more day. Civil War Muster at Wolcott Mill.

Catechism meeting tomorrow night. I think that is all that is scheduled. Lots of errands when able.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…brotherly love :)

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Lisa C. Vrazo said...

Aw I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! I want you to meet Graham too! I'm around the house a lot (school doesn't start until Jan) so just pick a time that your busy schedule allows and I'll host :)
I'm happy to hear London was a pleasure to have along. It really thrills me that my little boy is already getting invited to play with other peoples kids.

I love this picture of Jed and Manny, I can't believe how big they are already. Those are two very handsome little boys!

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