Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things I don't ever seem to learn part 2.....or 102

The only time blogging works well for me is when I do it early in the morning before the crowds get up. After that, they need me to keep them focused or they disappear.

--I read this on the Large Family Logistics blog just now.
I think I could insert just about any task that requires complete concentration for *blogging* but that is not the point (that part of the lesson, I have learned). What struck me was the *they need me to keep them focused or they disappear" part. :) Even though I have been at this parenting gig for 21 1/2 years, I still live under the delusion that I can tell my kids to do something once or twice or make a snappy chart to instruct them on their tasks and then *I* can go into autopilot mode. ;)
It seems starting school this week has brought this whole issue bubbling to the surface. Not that is wasn't evident the rest of the summer, but we were in a bit more of "
comme ci comme ├ža" mode. When things have to be done in a routine- like manner, that is when I see that I *must* be around and be engaged to keep everyone on the straight and narrow. Some are a bit more adept at sniffing out when mom is distracted and they can sneak off into one of the many nooks and crannies around here that will hide them from the rest of the world ( and the next item on their to-do list ;)

Sometimes I believe this is maybe a lesson I don't want to learn, thus my lack of progress on it. Running around the house making sure everyone is doing what they should isn't number one on my favorite child-related activities ( or number 2-3-4-5 ;) It ranks right up there with potty training which is pretty low on the list, actually. Yet, I have seen it is one of those areas that needs attention or things fall apart. You reap what you sow and all that. More importantly, gentle correction and attentiveness in these areas shows my little dears I care. I care about them following through, about them attending to their duties, about working with them to achieve goals. As much as they are sometimes irritated by my reminders and checkings-up-on, I am sure I see a little gleam in their eye and a tiny smile at the corner of their mouth. ;)
Even the youngest of children intuitively knows the good feelings that come from doing a job well done and the sense of accomplishment from sticking with a difficult or boring task. Slacking, while fun for the moment, doesn't bring lasting satisfaction :) They are glad to have my help in freeing them from bad habits! ;) ;) ;) ;)........
or at least they will be.

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