Thursday, August 21, 2008

Simple Woman’s Daybook for August 14, 2008

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For and the like.

Outside my Window… looks like a the beginning of a nice day.

I am thinking…..not what I want, what is.

I am thankful for…really beautiful weather this week. A good start to our school year.

From the kitchen…nothing too exciting. Tried broccoli rice casserole ( used to make it all the time years ago) and it was pretty well received. ;)

I am creating…..hmmm, not much.

I am going… know, we have been able to be home a lot this week and it has been terrific!

I am wearing .....brown shorts, dark pink shirt, ball cap ( bad hair day) and brown tennis shoes.

I am reading…Buddhism for Mother's. Embracing Uncertainty, The Hapsburgs, Royal Survivor.

I am hoping…can't think of anything I am really hoping for. I guess I am hoping the sod laying is a success and I won't have to bathe the littles every hour on the hour from them playing back there in all the dust and/or mud depending upon the weather! ;)

I am hearing....the tv- what else? :(

Around the house…getting some sod for the backyard tomorrow. Should I or should I not tear up the kitchen floor without any clue ( or $$) as to what to do once it is torn up? :)

One of my favorite things…cool, summer evenings

A few plans for the rest of the week…dr appt, shopping.....already went to Sam's and spent 500$ Ugh! What a discouragement. I remember when we went shopping for Al's graduation party I spent 500 at Sam's and thought that was an astronomical amount, this was just for everyday stuff ( with a couple extras......but still) Grocery prices HAVE really gone up. grrrr

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…more pickle pics from our resident photographer....Naomi. Yes, we went through 2 gallon jars and 2- 2 quart jars of fresh pickles in a WEEK!

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