Thursday, August 7, 2008

Simple Women's Daybook ( although I agree with another blogger's post on this, are we REALLY simple women? Nah!

Simple Woman’s Daybook for August 3, 2008

Don’t forget to stop by Peggy’s for all the links entered in this week’s Simple Woman’s Daybook.

For Today..... belated birthday lunch with mom. Oral surgeon appointment. Soccer meeting.

Outside my Window… Still dark, but much cooler and less humid than the tropical rainforest is was on Tuesday.

I am thinking…..about the reality of homeschooling everyone again. I'm glad to say I am more excited ( even if I am denying reality :) than scared or cranky about it! ;)

I am thankful for…clearance items at Kroger.

From the kitchen…nothing too exciting this week.

I am creating…..good summer memories with my kids ( hopefully! they are for me!)

I am going…..another graduation party on Saturday. :) Colonial encampment on Sunday.

I am wearing about what I will be wearing since I am still in my pj's. Jean capri's, blue pattern t-shirt with white babydoll top over. Gray flip flops.

I am reading…started a new book on Cynthia Parker yesterday. Not sure about it.

I am hoping…to get all my curriculum ordered this week. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

I am hearing..Silence, mostly. Zak rummaging around in the kitchen getting his lunch ready for work.

Around the house…how to take care of the humidity problem in the basement. A new dresser for the family room thanks to Neana's sharp garbage picking eye! ;)

One of my favorite things…a big bear hug from Ella when she gets up in the morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week…it's payday this Friday........which means SHOPPING, shopping and more shopping.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

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