Friday, August 29, 2008

Simple Woman’s Daybook for August 24, 2008

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For Today....cleaned up the basement....what an improvement!

Outside my Window… the sun finally comes out.....only to set again in a matter of minutes :)

I am thinking…..I'm way late on this one

I am thankful for…a good week.

From the kitchen…more pickles. Tried making chicken pot pie (never have in my life!), didn't turn out so well. Peach pie was a total flop. Maybe I should have stayed out of the kitchen this week :) Tim/Noah made the pickles again.

I am creating…..the creative juices are flowing again and I am itching to finish up my sewing room in the that I can walk in it! Found some fabric I think will be interesting to make pillows with for the family room. The littles and I created salt dough letters today so we could make all the family member's names and we baked them. The were a funky color of blue and I was well pleased :)

I am going… Metro tomorrow with Neana and great ( gulp!) nephew London and Gwen. Miles Christi picnic Sunday, perhaps a jaunt up to Pt Huron on Monday. Already been-- IKEA with my mom, Naomi and Ella, and about 16 trillion other mediocre errands this week ( not sure why so many this week :)

I am wearing .....grey shorts, red striped t-shirt, green ball cap with red lettering, black slides.

well, I was working in grunge today, whadd-ya expect? ;)

I am reading....Aristocrats.....and about 15,000 other books I found at the library ( I actually went by myself, hence....the boon!) but Aristocrats peaks my interest the most.

I am hoping…the classes Noah and Naomi will start next Tuesday will be good for them both on a number of levels. :)

I am hearing...."Bug's Life" George smacking his lips.

Around the house…organized toys ( I think we have too many).....organizing dining room since everyone is so fond of doing school work there ( despite having desks in their rooms)....I'm fairly pleased that the house is in some sort of order, probably wouldn't impress most, but for us, it's good.

One of my favorite things…Erma's custard hot fudge Sundae and IKEA!!!!!!!!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week…well, since the week is almost over, maybe a few plans for the rest of the weekend. I'd like to sew. I'd like to make chicken marsala tomorrow for dinner....I'd like to get some extra reading in.......I'd like to get some ironing done and watch my netflix "Lorna Doone", I'd like the boys to get their room clean.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you… Manny-well and the mosquito

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