Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Double Decker

Yesterday it was forecasted to be a hot one. Probably the hottest day of the year yet. I decided it was time to take the kids to the squirty park at Metro. It hasn't been all that warm this summer so far, and since we don't have a/c ( besides window units) and it is often 10 degrees cooler by the lake ( especially on the days you DON'T want it to be, ie: psuedo spring days when it feels nice enough to want to be outside and you think "Let's go drink in the beauty of Metro!" only to find it is still winter there :)
Well, it wasn't. Cooler that is.
And we finally made it there at the height of heat and sun.....12-3PM. Serindipitously, even though it was uber crowded, we walked into the park just as someone else was leaving a shady spot so we set up shop there and the kids went in and out of the squirting water. Naomi ran (????) and George biked his heart out. We ate our picnic lunch but by 2:30 or so the heat was wearing on us, even in the shade, so we headed home.

We did a little reading, a little *States Game* playing ( Jed's new, but only so much fun after you've played it 10 times in a row;) a little laundry ( can't put that one on the back burner, even when it is hot) and dinner eating ( chicken gyro's).
At 7:30 we decided to head back since the sun was somewhat less intense. As I was unloading the bikes, strollers, kids and other paraphenilia from the van I noticed a wallet sitting on the pavement in the next parking spot.
We walked it over to the park office, and when I handed it to the attendant a man sitting next to the desk jumped up with joy. I guess he had been there filing a police report. It was nice to help someone out like that. I know what a nightmare it is to lose your wallet.

Unfortunately, and unbeknowst to me, the squirty park closes at 8. Bummer.
Still, we were able to go and play at the playscape for another good hour and then stopped on the way home for Mc Donald's 1.00 cones. :) By then some cool showers helped get us ready for bed.

When it gets hot like this in the first days of summer I always think how it doesn't seem that long ago that we were dealing with ice and snow. And it probably won't be that long until we are again. So no complaints, a/c in the house or not. We will enjoy all of summer. The heat, the mosquitos, the sticky popscicle messes, the wet bathing suits left all over the house ( does anyone change in their rooms or bathrooms? :) Precious days.

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