Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daybook June 8, 2009

Outside my window: cloudy and warm.

I am thinking.......I'm home alone with two sick children. Where do I start? Sew, make some jam, wash dishes or nap, read and watch a movie? ( obviously not sick children who are very high maintenance right now ;)
(went for the reading and nap)

I am thankful . ..peace. Al seems to be settling in to his new crib pretty well. Dylan getting financial help to go on his mission trip.

From the schoolroom. . ..trying to make sure Jed reads every day so as not to lose his skills. Finishing up math with the rest. (Ditto)

From the kitchen ...As stated previously, I need to make some more strawberry rhubarb jam. We had a yummy BBQ-ed rib dinner with on- sale-for-99 cents- a- poung- ribs and Jimmy Dee's famous recipe.

I am wearing . . black floral skirt, black knit top and green shrug short sleeve sweater.

I am creating . . .a recipe book for us ( really just printed favorites off the internet) and Al......

who actually asked for it! ;)

I am reading and watching . . . The Flower of May ; Kate O'Brien, For the Love of Mothers; Lisbeth Burger.

"For the Love of Mothers" was written by a Catholic Midwife in pre World War 2 Germany. The stories in it are highly moralistic, but it is still an interesting glimpse into life back then.

From the "Flower of May"

"I know! I remember! And sometimes I've thought your parents are right, Lucille! Because look at the race of splendid Gothic giants they are raising up!"

"To the glory of God?" asked Lucille

"Well, anyway, not to His shame."

Lucille smiled, and the grew grave.

"We live absurdly," she said "I for one will not spend my one human life this way."


Gandhi: My Father

Very well done and interesting. Didn't know much about Gandhi's children. In some ways, it was heartening to know that even great men such as he struggle with family relationships.....although this was a very sad tale.
Another thing that always strikes me when I watch film interpretations of Gandhi is that he is generally portrayed as a man who reminds one of a modern day Jesus. Yet he was Hindu. I'm not sure if that is just how filmmakers want him to look or if he was actually that way. I guess I need to hit the library.

I am hearing . ...Revelation Song - Kari Jobe on napster

Around the house. ...I don't have many expectations for any big projects related to the house over the next couple weeks, although I have struck a deal with Sissy that might help me check some things off the list!

One of my favorite things. ...for awhile the outside air was perfumed by lilacs. Now it is peonies. Delicious!

What will we do this week. . ;)Two graduation parties, a soccer banquet, a basketball banquet, Dyl's graduation ceremony, Dyl's graduation ceremony practice and set up, 2 days of dentist appointments and Noah's driving test.

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .My favorite flower ( as if I could pick one);- purple iris. This is a particularly rich shade of purple and they are at George George.

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