Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daybook: First Day of Summer & Father's Day 2009

Outside my window: bright and sunny. The first day of the new season and it appears to be the quintessentially summer day.

I am thinking.......I'm still waiting for those lazy, hazy days of summer. Crazy, we got. :)

I am thankful . ....that I have an excellent father and that my husband is an excellent father and I had an excellent father in law.

From the schoolroom. . ..trying to make sure Jed reads every day so as not to lose his skills. Finishing up math with the rest. (Ditto) Hopefully we'll start the library reading program this week.

From the kitchen ...I think I will try a pecan pie today. Never made one, but the father of the house has been dropping hints.

What I could take a break from making for the next 6 months: chocolate peanut butter squares. I'm sure I've made about 100 dozen in the last few weeks. They are the potluck favorite. ;)

I am wearing . . grey sweat capri's and a blue and silver metallic t-shirt. grey flip flops

I am creating . . .Well, I just finished some curtains for my canopy bed. I jinxed myself, though. While I was sewing away this morning I was thinking about how wonderfully the whole project was going. I *had* the curtains to match my new duvet, just needed to re-work them. ( IN other works, I didn't have to go searching the various thrift stores for new goods) I found a workable way to hang them, and it all was working out technically. I even had a quiet morning to myself with no littles up and about.

Then I started breaking needles one after another which precipitated a store run. I tried Walgreens, but no luck, so I had to go to Meijer. Tim and I love Meijer, and it's so close, but the problem is, just walking into the store is a huge time commitment and I knew I was working with limited minutes left in my *alone time* allotment . Thankfully, I was able to breeze in and out at a pretty good clip and somehow managed to finish up without breaking any more....

I am reading and watching . . . three diet books ( oops, I'm not supposed to call them diet books....."nutrional books".

Love on A Diet by Wendy Jeub

This was a quick read and pretty inspiring. I mean, when a lady with 15 kids writes a book on how she looks so great you want to know her secrets. I think it boils down to she hit a *crisis* with her weight and appearance and decided to do whatever necessary to change. Isn't that the bonafide secret to all *changing your eating habits and losing weight" books? You've got to want it! :) I like the fact that she didn't stop eating regular foods, mostly just less of them and has a few helpful hints.

I thought it was a little humorus when she wrote "If I can do it, anyone can!" I know what she was trying to say but I can just see the general public thinking "Well, you have 15 kids and homeschool them, so it is obvious you can do a lot of things I would never imagine trying. " and set the book down.

The Beck Diet for Life

This one goes into the more psychological reasons for overeating which I liked. It was written by a woman who believes/practices cognitive therapy ( which is changing your thoughts to change what is wrong in your life) which I think highly of as well. The *diet* itself is sound and not too low in calories ( which she advocates). She has you write out cards with reasons why you want to lose weight to read every morning and charts to fill out everyday to check off various behavioral exercises she wants you to do. I don't doubt the benefit of all that, and maybe that is an area I am failing in and need to take the time to do, but I sort of shy away from doing things like that because I forget or don't want to be bothered.

But by far my favorite is:

Unleash your Skinny Girl by Bethenney Frankl

She has all the reasons for me to write her off. She has no children and has never been pregnant, she is single, she has her own *healthy cooking* company.......but she mixes a good bit of humor with "get a hold of yourself! you're not a 2 yo" in her writing. Her ideas are commonsense and she, like the aforementioned book have helped me see ( which I was starting to suspect) that I have a very immature attitude when it comes to food. I THINK I should be able to eat what I want and shake an angry fist at the gods for not being able to ( which mostly means I just eat what I want anyway...and then complain that I am getting chubby. ;)

For some reason I picked out three Henry James novels to screen Dvd's at the library the other day. Didn't do it on just happened! I watched the Masterpiece Theatre version of "The Turn of the Screw" yesterday at ironing time, which I thought was well done.

Naomi and I watched "The Mayor of Casterbridge" which was also good, but left me scratching my head a little. I just don't know why the daughter was so fond of her stepfather/father/in the end, not related to her at all. I remember reading the book, but I couldn't remember all the details, so I am wondering if re-reading it might shed a little light or if the movie just didn't really do the story justice. This is one book with a MULTITUDE of twists and turns in the story line.

I am hearing . ...Jed and Manny giving their breakfast requests to George.

Around the house. ...THE GARAGE MUST BE CLEANED!!!!

One of my favorite things. ...a warm summer night.

What will we do this week. . lunch with Neana to try and figure out Dyl's grad party. Sigh of relief!

Homeschool meeting, someone's 26th Anniversay, but I don't know how that will be celebrated, a belated Father's Day dinner on Sunday with my parents and Nan.

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .My two gradutes! Dylan (High school) Jed (Kindergarten)

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