Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blogging while waiting for my nails to dry.......

Too tired to do much else.
The day started with some early morning floor mopping, bathroom cleaning, laundry loads and dishwashing.
All because two teenage girls were coming over. I don't fuss about a clean house as much when boys are coming over, but I think since they are female, perhaps messes bother them like they do me.
We zipped off to the 9am mass to pick the girls up. Armed with our extra doses of estrogen we came home. I grabbed Manny and went to visit Noah at Value Center :) I love having him bag my groceries.
After we unloaded the goods we re-loaded the car with kids, scooters and bikes we headed to Sonic ( the girls had never been) and took it all to George George.
Boy, it was crowded there. It didn't dawn on me it was the last day of school-school. I suppose everyone thought it was a good idea to go and celebrate the finish of the school year.

I laid on the grass and read while the littles played at the park. The sun was dancing through the trees. The man behind me was talking on his cell phone in French. A cool breeze blew. Ahhhhhh, a perfect summer day.
Too soon, it was time to go. Off to Dyl's graduation practice. When we walked in the room was a whirl of activity. Teens practicing Pacobel's Canon. Mom's carrying potted plants, men and boys setting up tables and chairs. I think it will be quite a ceremony. I'm sure very emotional. It is nice to be in a group of collectively proud parents. Very dear.

A mad dash home to toss a greek salad and cut up a pan of cookies for the basketball banquet. Finding out Jed wasn't feeling so well, I stayed home. A trip to Walgreens to get some nailpolish remover and fresh paint. Gabriella and I had a little girly time doing our nails just before Jed decided to lose his cookies in the very spot we had been sitting.
So the night finished off by cleaning up that mess, but at least with nice looking nails. ;) Tried to get to sleep, but tossed and turned knowing that there would be emotional messes to deal with in the morning ( The. Wings. Lost.)
Wondering now if I should try to get back to sleep or just get started on a new day.
It's been a busy, but lovely week.

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