Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daybook June 1st. 2008

Outside my window: Bright and sunny, but a little cool right now.

I am thinking.......I need to call Al and make sure he comes over for dinner. We're having his favorite; ribs, cheesy potatoes and cesear salad. It's so weird having to think about this now!

I am thankful for. ...Naomi's team winning the State Championship. Way to go, Summit Varsity!

From the schoolroom. . ..trying to make sure Jed reads every day so as not to lose his skills. Finishing up math with the rest.

From the kitchen ....raspberry-rhubarb jam was a fail. For the first time in my jam making career, it turned out TOO gelled....there has to be some way to remedy this. Strawberry rhubarb was terrific. I plan to make more.

I am wearing . . beige khaki's, periwinkle, short sleeved hooded sweater with white cami underneath. Denim Keds, silver hoops and a ball cap because I didn't quite make it into the shower yet. :)

I am creating . . .I realized yesterday we are just floating along too much these days. Perhaps a nice break, but I need to come up with a plan of action if I want to accomplish half of what I'd like to for the summer.

I am reading and watching . . . Very intrigued with Kate O'Brien's writing. I wonder how she went from being one of Ireland's most famous authors to relative obscurity now-a-days. Not much of her stuff at the library but half. com has most of her titles for $0.75. :) I loved " Mary Lavalle", although it got a little saucy at the end ( suprising, since it was written in 1935). Of course my interpretation of saucy is not a modern one. Still, I wouldn't let Naomi read it for a few more years.


Newer BBC Persuasion. Sorry, folks, this one was MUCH better than the Emma Thompson/Hugh Grant version.

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Another good one, but the second part was a bit too saucy again for teen viewing....which is sad. I'm sure that wasn't Emily Bronte's intent.

A Death in the Family ( PBS). Groan. Another *could've*- *should've* but undone by PBS's agenda.

I am hearing . ...littles chattering with George.

Around the house. ...this past week has been focusing on moving Al out. Which has given a good bit of space to Dylan and Noah. :) Found lots of kitcheny items for him at the thrift. Lots of extra furniture around here for him to take, too. The rest was filled in with a Walmart run.

One of my favorite things. ...Gabriella sitting in her car seat singing "God is so good...." :)

Thanks, Donut Man! You've made an inspired gospel singer out of her.

What will we do this week. . art class tomorrow. Gwen's ballet recital Friday. Grad party Sunday. Library run today. Making sure the fridge is stocked for the rest of the Stanley Cup Final games. We seem to inherit a half dozen guests for every one. Probably because we are one of the few shmoes that still has cable. ;)

Here’s a picture I am sharing. . Noah, who will probably be finally getting his liscense next week. Fair warning for all you Michigan Drivers. ;)

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Kris said...


"Newer BBC Persuasion. Sorry, folks, this one was MUCH better than the Emma Thompson/Hugh Grant version."

It's Sense and Sensibility.


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