Saturday, November 3, 2007

A word about mis-spelled words and sentences that make no sense. :)

If my blogging is a bit messy at times it must be because I am either holding a squirmy 10 month old or being climbed on by a busy 2 yo. Perhaps my 4 yo is pestering me to go on the TMNT website or my 9 yo is asking where his homework is. It could be my 11 and 13 yo's are having another epic argument, or I hear 15 yo hammering something somewhere and a sense of panicked urgency comes over me ( what is he doing?????). Another thought is 16 yo is standing behind me waiting to get on the computer to *mapquest* something, or 18 yo wants a guitar tab. Sometimes big Al wants to know if there was any dinner left or dh has an urgent need for a lost bill and he is sure I know the location ( usually, yes). All which probably means I shouldn't be blogging at that particular time. When will I learn? :)
Indulge me.

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