Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Naomi!

Tomorrow (November 4th) our first daughter will turn 13! I write this with no small amount of emotion. :)
She came into the world so quickly she was our one and only baby born at home.
Even though we didn't know she was a girl ( and it was a huge suprise after 4 boys!) we had the name *Naomi* picked out if we were so blessed.
Naomi is my great aunt's name. Out dear *Aunt Dee* who left the world too prematurely, Nan's only sister. Grace was what we picked for her middle name as we were learning a lot about that at the time ( do you ever stop learning about God's grace? :)
She has always been a joy to us. A good natured girl, loving and nurturing to her younger siblings ( as you can see it is hard to find a picture of her without her little sister :) very responsible and focused on her goals. She has the great ambition to enroll in UNC or Notre Dame some day ( and that day is not too far off as time flies!) enthusiastic soccer player and STRAIGT A student!, flute player, newspaper staff sports editor, my sous chef and......

WE LOVE YOU NAOMI!!!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday our dear girl!

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