Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A busy birthday week!

Last week had a lot of exciting elements :). It was Naomi's birthday, of course, and we had a birthday celebration for her on Sunday. It was also Nan's 89th birthday on the eighth! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAN! ) The world has been blessed by your presence for 89 wonderful years and please plan on being around for 89 more years because none of us knows what we would do without you!)
I put in a new kitchen floor ( and yes, it looks like it was done by a rookie with three preschoolers running about, but anything is better than chipped and cracked tile in my book :)
We attended Jackson's *Panther of the Month* ceremony and Jackson and Naomi's excellent conferences @ school. (George's is this week) As stated in an earlier post, Jackson got all A's and so did Naomi--but hers was devoid of even an A-....so she gets a special honor for that! :)
To top it all off this new week started with NO SCHOOL for two days and Auntie Nita had us all over for a wonderful lunch and afternoon of relaxation and cousin fun. She's a gem, I tell you! :)

Here are a few pics of the party!

(oops--above, Nita, Manny and Nancy next--Mom, Irene and Dad Vrazo

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