Friday, November 16, 2007

Today I walked into the living room and saw something that stopped me in my tracks.

A chair. (Yes, there are chairs in the living room, but this one had not been there previously :)
It was leather and a bit worn.
I turned back around and went into the kitchen looking for more information. Dylan and Al were there fixing themselves lunch.
"Where did that chair come from?" I queried.
Dyl- "Someone was throwing it away down the street so I took it for my room."

Stunned silence!

Was this the boy who would roll his eyes and shake his head everytime I found a treasure being pitched from the neighborhood? Who grimaced when I asked him to come help me put it in the van? Who vehemently stated we had *NO ROOM FOR ANY MORE FURNITURE* and sighed, moaned and gnashed teeth as it was brought in the house? ( and lest I just pick on him, these are the reactions from all 4 older boys :)

Heh heh--I guess I've taught him well! *wink*

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Janita said...

2:45 am. . . .Today I walked into the living room. . . .why weren't you sleeping?? Gwen lives for Monday's now when we go garbage picking on the way home from taking Jay. Yes, you know we've taught them well.

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