Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I would guess that most mothers don't feel like they *play* enough with their children whether they have one or 15. I will admit I don't. I like being with my kids, I like hanging out with them, going places with them, doing things with them. I like interacting with them, chatting and joking with my teens, etc......but getting down on their level and *playing* with them, that leaves room for improvement. I suppose because I am not much of a person who really *plays* a whole lot even when it is adult fun. I am not overly fond of board games or cards. Sports....ho hum. :) I don't like comedies as a general rule nor reading the comics. Ok, I am a sour puss. LOL!

Well, last night Gabriella and I *played*. I was once again exiled at home with a sick child while the rest of the family went to Dyl's soccer banquet. Maybe I shouldn't use the term exiled as it sounds rather grim ( I was sad to miss out, but I like being home, too).
It was just Gabriella and Jackson and I....and Jackson was laying on the couch feeling ill. Gabriella went upstairs in my room so I could fold and put away clothes, but she wasn't overly happy with that plan. So we played. We played *peek a boo*, we played with her socks ( which she takes great delight in taking off), we played *walk to mommy!* ( she is standing unaided, but no steps yet). It was FUN! It was a little bittersweet, too.
My little, sweet baby girl is changing. Working on being a toddler soon, expanding her horizons and her personality is developing. It is fun to watch, and fun to *goof off* with her.

When I am so blessed to have these opportunities ( and they are soon gone) to just experience the joy of playing with my children, I should think more about taking them. I should *plan* to do it or stop what I am doing at regular intervals and take advantage of these fleeting moments when they are young and innocent and full of exhuberence for just playing.
I will. All too soon they are out and about and *playing* with someone else. :)

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