Monday, February 8, 2010

Daybook, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl fare

The Wii, was of course, a popular pass time on Saturday.
Gabriella with her new page boy doo (I guess it is growing on me ;)
Transformers were the name of the game.....even though Astro Boy has become Jed's new obsession ( hard to keep up with things)
Nick and Peter playing a mean game of Candy Land!
Alan and Noah
Anne, Dyl, Naomi and Tim existing in each others presence

Outside my window: Cloudy and cold, but the buzz is that we are expecting 6-10 inches of snow tomorrow.
I heard on the news the other day that we've had a third less snow than last year while the south keeps getting battered with storms. Huh.

I am thinking....I feel like I have a hangover this morning, even though I've never had a hangover or drank a drop of alcohol yesterday. Too much partying this weekend. ;)

I am thankful ....helpful kids.

From the schoolroom..... Started science notebooks last week for zoology unit. A good one for a range of ages like we have here at the Vrazo homeschool.

From the kitchen ... Super Bowl winner: Cuban Crostini ala Bobby Flay ( not my favorite chef, but he CAN cook ;) Loser: Bbq meatballs. Too sweet. :(

I am reading and watching and listening to:

Listened to:

A Thread of Grace

I'm having trouble sticking with this one. It seems to bounce around a lot. The story of a few Jewish families and the Italians who helped them during WW2.


The House at Riverton Kate Morton

And "Elizabeth; Grand Duchess of Russia" ( who became an Orthodox nun after her husband was murdered during the Russian Revolution)

Found this one at the library yesterday


Heavens Fall

Another great movie that I had never heard of before I chanced upon it at the library. The story of the "Scottsboro 9". Great acting, gripping story, although I'll admit not a "feel good" movie. It really left me rather dismayed after watching it.

When the Levee's Broke (Spike Lee)

I've only watched the first act. This is a documentary about Hurrican Katrina. I found it well done and very interesting so far. I'll wait to pass judgment on it until I've seen the whole thing.

Around the house.....I put new hardware on the kitchen cabinets which are very dated, but I must admit, very easy to clean ;) It does help. Thanks Neana! ;) ( she always has good id-ers about that kind of stuff)

One of my favorite things: A trip to the library, with no littles ;) ( Well, I like going to the library with whoever, but it IS hard to find things for myself when you have a few squirmy chicks who aren't at all interested in anything in the adult non fiction aisle. :)

What will we do this week: Just the usual. I'm hoping catechism will be cancelled due to the snow. Not that I don't like taking the kids to catechism, I just don't relish another 2 hour car ride because of crummy road conditions! Tim, Dyl and Al are heading to the Red Wings game on Thursday.

Pictures I'm sharing....
Birthday pics were an afterthought.....just as all were getting ready to go. LOL!

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