Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daybook, February 1, 2010

Manny, reading his -D Pirate book :)
My yum-o-licious birthday breakfast!

Outside my window: Dark, and another inch or two of snow on the ground. Funny how such a small amount made a 45 minute drive into a 2 hour one last night. :(

I am thinking....starting to think about lent.

I am thankful .....for 4 wheel drive

From the schoolroom..... We're into collages and" how to draw" books this week.

From the kitchen ...not my doing, but Chef Dylan made some outrageously good crepes for my birthday breakfast. A feta and vegetable one, cream cheese and blueberry filling and creme patisserie, (custard and strawberry glaze). Ooo la la!

I am reading and watching and listening to:

Listened to:

The Night Journal

Which was very good, and even though a secular book had a strong moral message in it. Pleasantly surprised.


The House at Riverton


"The Monarchy" narrated by Dr David Starkey

Very well done, informative and interesting. I'm thinking of using it to supplement World History for the older kids.

Around the house.....I could write what "should" be happening around the house. Do you bother to clean before 10 boys are coming over or wait until after? ;)

One of my favorite things: a little fuzzy headed boy

What will we do this week: Somehow, I got it together enough to plan a little birthday party for one of my children! Birthday celebrations have been a bit sparse lately. :) Jed's birthday is on Thursday and he will have some of his buddies ( and their brothers :) over for a celebration on Saturday. Dentist appointment for Manny ( he did great!) Birthday trip to Target ( tried to find a Toys R Us, but that was a fail) for Jed.

Pictures I'm sharing....

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