Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Daybook June 28th, 2009

Outside my window: Cloudy and cool. Was it just a week ago that we were sweltering?

I am thinking.......I'm having a hard time getting my motor running lately.

I am thankful . ...for so many things during the power outage. A cool headed babysitter, water that was still on, a little bit of power for a day, a willing sil and an empty freezer, my refrigerators and freezer getting a good cleaning, the same appliances not being filled from a recent grocery store trip, candles, flashlights, cool weather...

the list goes on and on. :)

From the schoolroom. . ..hmnmm. There has been a great buzz in blogland over a certain lady posting pictures of her newly organized school room. Yes, they were beautiful. And for a moment my mind was racing with ways to try and replicate her ideas. Then I came down to earth. That's the madness of blog surfing. Most of the time you are inspired, or get a laugh or are informed. Other times you feel very inadequate and discontent. I had to sit myself down and think seriously about the reasons my schoolroom will never look like hers. And it's OK.

From the kitchen ...blueberries rule! 2 Blueberry buckles and 2 dozen blueberry muffins made yesterday.

I am wearing . .black knit bermudas, gray print hoodie, gray tennis shoes. It's cold this morning.

I am creating . . .mostly just some sewing repair projects

I am reading and watching . . .read "Wicketts Remedy" by Myla Goldberg. I really enjoyed this one, as much as you can use the word *enjoy* about a very sad subject. I'll have to think about that. About a young women during the Spanish Flu outbreak who lost her husband and brother to it and then decided to become a nurse to help. I heard about it on NPR.

Listened on cd to "Resilience" I happen to see this at the library the night the power went out and thought it might be a good idea since we were without tv, internet or radio ( well, I did get batteries, eventually). I've always though Elizabeth Edwards was a decent sort of woman. She doesn't disappoint in this thought provoking work. I don't know if she wrote all this herself or with help ( didn't read the cover) but she has a very eleoquent way of describing her thoughts and emotions during the most difficult things she has faced ( and there have been many). I especially was moved by her journey after the death of her 16 yo son. Her voice is soft and raspy at times. You can tell she is not well ( she has terminal breast cancer). She doesn't claim to have all the answers, and you are left feeling she is still grappling with coming to terms with her cancer ( which I found very honest) still you can't help but be moved by her courage.

Naomi and I have been trying to watch "Our Mutual Friend" by Dickens. It sure is a long one. I keep dozing off. :) Not that it isn't interesting, I just can't seem to sit or lay on my bed motionless and not zonk out, which is why I usually iron or fold clothes or putter about when I am watching something, much to my husband's dismay.

I am hearing . ..Jed making "shhhhhhhhhewwwww" sounds. I don't know what he is playing in his mind.

Around the house. ...Going to keep hope alive that the garage WILL be cleaned today even though it is drippy and drizzly.

We did it! ( and I use the word *we* loosely ;)

You know, I had a hard time getting started, and there was lots of grumbling and exasperation in my head ( and probably visable at times) but with a little praise music on my cd player ( don't snicker, Sissy!) it was at once a religious experience and an energizer.

Did *some* painting repairs....but many more on the docket.

One of my favorite things. ...a clean garage. ;)

What will we do this week. . Monday we had dentist appointments and re-filling the refridge shopping. Tuesday we went to Pt Huron for a field trip at the Thomas Edison museum and a tour of a lighthouse ship called the *Huron* I think. Meeting for Dyl's Nicaragua trip that night. Not sure what we will do on the 4th, thinking about heading up to the thumb (Just seems too cool for that). There is a neighborhood bike parade that we went and got supplies to decorate the kids bikes for at the Dollar Store. :) Sunday, belated Father's day dinner with mom, dad and nan.

Here’s a picture I am sharing. Our little ham.

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