Monday, July 27, 2009

Daybook, July 26th 2009

outside my window: sunny and a bit warm. Still, for almost August, there are no complaints.

I am thinking......why am I sitting at the computer when my family room looks the way it does. Probably because it takes less energy to sit at the computer rather than clean a messy family room.

I am thankful . ..things seem to be coming together for Dyl's party. For my supportive husband who is off this week and my helpful relatives!! What would I do without them? I reflect on that daily!

From the schoolroom. . .not going to address this subject until next month. :) (DITTO)

From the kitchen ...well, there WILL be a lot of cooking later in the week for the party. Yesterday a blueberry pie was made. Delish!

I am wearing . .black and white floral skirt, turquoise t shirt and flip flops. Silver hoops.

I am reading and watching . .listening on cd "The Barchester Chronicles" by Anthony Trollope. Finished and enjoyed!

Barnaby Rudge, by Dickens. I had a bit of a hard time following this one. I think it was abridged.

reading: We Two and -

The Unhealthy Truth: Why our food is making us sick and what we can do about it.

I've no doubt this lady is passionate about what she is writing about. I've no doubt what she says is true, it just seems like she is one of those people who grab you by the collar and shout at you about any given subject she feels strongly about. :)

So, the book is a bit off-putting for me. I don't know that there is anything in there that hasn't already been discussed anyway. I'm going to keep trying. ( In her defense, I really liked her menu suggestions for kids....not perfection, but working towards it.)

Clover: Henry Adams wife. I gave up on listening to "The Education of Henry Adams" There was too much in there to read over and ponder, not easily done while listening. So, I found a book about his wife, which includes him, of course. Very interesting, so far. I need to find a hard copy of TEofHA.


Frenchman's Creek ( by Daphne Du Marnier) I have a feeling there were some liberties taken with this one. It was a good story, though.

I am hearing . ."The battle is the Lord's........" Veggie Tales "Esther"

Around the house. ..I finally did a bit of weeding out front ( not all, of course) and tucking up of the plants. Still needs some bush trimming and new mulch. The rest of the house is not looking too spiffy and I can't imagine much about that will change this week. I spent about an hour in Neana's garden and have taken notice of other gardens, recently. There is such peace and beauty there. I just keep thinking if I would just do a little gardening here and there what a difference it would make, especially in the back yard ( UGH!)

One of my favorite things. ...COOL SUMMERS! Let's hope it stays that way!

What will we do this week. ...went to Ann Arbor Hand's On Museum today, and out to IKEA for lunch. The kids had a terrific time. I found some napkins at IKEA that inspired some party decor. :) Tim took Naomi and Jax for a tour of downtown Ann Arbor while we were in there.

Tomorrow we officially become members of St Cyril and Methodius. The rest of the week will be shopping, cooking and trying not to freak out about Dyl's party on Sunday. Oh, and we have another grad party to go to on Saturday! LOL!

Here’s a picture I am sharing. ....Some golden oldies of the man of the week. Dyl :)

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