Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daybook July 13, 2009

Outside my window: sunny and pleasantly cool. We've had some incredible weather, lately.

I am thinking.......about the changes in our family. AGAIN. Mostly as it concerns the children. I think this year has held the greatest number of changes we have experienced. Some new ones like one son going away for college and another moving out. More of the same for others like getting a driver's licence, a new job, wanting to be the usual teenage socialite :) or graduating from high school and embarking on a new, adult life.
I think what has made me reflect on this is that I am so often out and about with just the youngest 5 these days. And I know it won't be long until Naomi is subtracted from that number. It seems like just as quickly as they all came to us and we were grappling with a house full of little kids, they have collectively *grown* up and have started to move away from us.
I'll admit it does fill me with a bewildering panic at times. Maybe that's a little melodramatic :) I just want to say *WAIT*! Can't we have this is little increments as before?"
But you can't. Life moves along as it will, guided by the hand of Providence.
I hope it reminds me to embrace the time with the current batch of littles.

What I should be thinking about: Dylan's graduation party, which is coming upon us with stunning rapidity!

I am thankful . ..books on cd. They have revolutionized my life these past few weeks! :) A good book, listened to while doing a dreaded chore, makes the time pass pleasantly. ;)

From the schoolroom. . ..I know I should be starting to prepare for next year, but haven't gotten to that point yet.

From the kitchen ...blackberry pie, apple pie for George's birthday. A scrumptious Sunday dinner with a beef tenderloin as the main event. Lovely!

I am wearing . .white capri's, black tunic with red/black print cami under. Black flip flops.

I am creating . . .I found 4 chairs being tossed out while biking the other night. Noah and I went to get them.

I originally was just going to recover them, but in the end decided they needed a good coat of paint. So that was the main project this week. I hope to use them in the dining room as the *B* set. The kids love to do their schoolwork in there, but they are rough on my antique set (ie: at least 3 have bit the dust due to rocking motions while doing math). Problem solved. I hope.

I am reading and watching . . .Listening to "The Education of Henry Adams" on cd. Finished "Jane Boleyn" on cd.

Reading "We Two" and "

Henry Adams is the grandson of John Quincy Adams. He has some really compelling thoughts on educaiton, especially of boys. I've only listened to a couple chapters, but I think this is one I need a hard copy of to underline his many, pithy quotes.

Jane Boleyn

Was married to the brother of Anne Boleyn, the infamous English queen. While it touched on her (Jane's) life, it really was an in depth history lesson on what was going on then with King Henry (8th) her husband, the Church, English goverment , etc. etc. Of course, we all know the *stories* of King Henry, but listening again, it is incredible to ponder the machinations he went through to get what he wanted, most often against the hand of God......

and with sobering results. A cautionary tale.

Watched: "Little Dorrit" by Dickens....which was very long, but very, very good. It became an evening ritual for Naomi and I last week and I miss it. Haven't been able to watch a thing this weekend/week. :)

I am hearing . ..Manny making various hoots, hollerings and yells. Wow, is he loud this am!

Around the house. ..Well, it got a good spring cleaning due to the cooler temps and a scheduled bbq.

One of my favorite things. ...a day at the beach! We found a nice one in Pt Huron. The kids and I had a grand time and as an added bonus, saw many huge barges speeding accross the river/lake.

What will we do this week. .K 4 J VBS rules this week ( how is that for a bunch of acronyms?) Yesterday the saint of the day was Edmund Campion, which is who Jedidiah Campion is named after, so that was a nifty serindipity!. A visit with Aunt Lydia ( holding my breath on that one, it has been fraught with complications on this end, anyway :) Dyl's musical this weekend! He's so geeked about it, and it is very cute.

Here’s a picture I am sharing. Our birthday boy, George Augustine. 11 on 7-11!

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