Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This week 5-17-09

Outside my window: Pleasantly warm. The sun is starting to set. Perhaps the really cold weather is finally behind us.

I am thinking.......I'm ready for bed or at least ready for some children to be ready for bed. ;)

I am thankful for. ...Zak getting some work, Al getting an apartment. I don't really know how thankful I am about that, but it always amazes me to see my children do really adult things like secure an apartment for themselves when I am still changing their sibling's diapers. ;)

From the schoolroom. . ..I'm taking this one off the list for a couple months. Huzzah! ;)

From the kitchen ....I like when I find a yummy new recipe, but not so much when I am the only one who likes it. :) Curry Spread made with curry and chutney. Too good. I experimented and made almond-date granola. Like. A lot. Granola is a fun thing to play around with. It's nice that it is such a hit around here.

I am wearing . . .black and white cotton skirt with big flowers on it, a green t-shirt, black hoops and flip flops.

I am creating . . .The boys were enthralled today by some pictures of animals hanging on a fence at the zoo. That gave me the idea ( although not all-together original) of having Naomi take pictures of several different types of animals, get them blown up and put them on the wall in their room.

I am reading and watching . . . I started "Mary Lavelle" by Kate O'Brien. It is funny how you happen upon books. I was listening to an interview with a contemporary Irish author on NPR and he mentioned Kate O'Brien and gave a bit of her background, which was of interest to me. They had the book in storage at the Mt Clemens library. So far, good.

Naomi and I watched "Cranford" again. That is one that can be watched again and again. So full of gems. I don't know why Elizabeth Gaskell doesn't get more credit for being a superstar author like Jane Austen. It is gratifying to see that her works are getting resurrected...if only via the modern screen.

I am hearing . . Manny and Jed goofing around with marbles. Have you ever noticed that boys don't commonly use things for what they are meant to be used for? Somehow a marble landed in our neighbor's yard. Enough said. ;)

Around the house. . I think I have just about got all the winter/summer clothes switched out and put back in the respective places in closets and the attics. I also have a nice clean closet in my room. Ahhhhhhhhh

One of my favorite things. ..reading late at night when I know I won't be disturbed. If only I could keep myself from zonking out after a few paragraphs.

What will we do this week. . Just took a trip to the zoo. REALLY need to finish up the backyard and clean out the garage. This is the last week of soccer games before the tournament. What will we do for entertainment? ;) Visiting with nan this weekend, perhaps a memorial day picnic.

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .

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