Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This week at the Vrazo's. 5-11-09

Outside my window: It really is a gloriously bright, sunny day. A bit cool, but lovely.

I am thinking.......mais malheureusement il lui manque l'energie de la volonte'
(but unfortunately he lacked the will)
the story of my life lately. ;)

I am thankful for. . .my dear husband and children who make being a mother possible. Oh, and the good Lord, too! ;)

From the schoolroom. . ..I did a survey with everyone and it looks like only a couple have math to finish and a bit of spelling. We're home free!

From the kitchen .....I made some nectarine jam yesterday. Randazzo's had a big box for $2 and the kids were eating them like popcorn, but we still had quite a few. Wow, it is really delicious. Sort of like peach but a bit more tangy. Just what I like.

I am wearing . . .army green capri's, a grey, white and turquoise hooded top, tennis shoes and a visor.

I am creating . . ..well, I made a wrist corsage for Dylan and Catherine. That's about the sum of it.

I am reading and watching . . .Mary Lincoln, A Life & The Reluctant Empress

I had quite an *Austrian* week this week. I am reading a biography of an Austrian Empress, and we also watched "The Sound of Music", added to that a debate with Zak on whether or not Napoleon III was a liberator of Italy from the Austrians or a conqueror. I'm impressed, Ave. ;)

Watched: Heir to an Execution

I am only peripherally acquainted with the story of the Rosenburgs. I remember being somewhat intriqued by it when I was younger because it was so shocking to think that the US still executed spies as late as the 50's. This was more of a personal story of their family in a documentary made by their granddaughter. Quite interesting.

Naomi and I watched the latest BBC offering of "Persuasion" which I thought was very well done.

I am hearing . . dishes clanging about while being washed.

Around the house. . .trying to work on the outside. The boys ( well, mostly George) cleaned out a big wood/brick mess in the very back and made a darling brick path. I am beginning to see that there *could* be hope for a lovely landscape in our backyard. Someday.

One of my favorite things. ..my triple stroller. Yay!

What will we do this week. . .Naomi had a game last night which they tied. It was a tough team and a very exciting game. Al is taking me out to dinner for Mother's Day tonight. grin! Perhaps a party this weekend, which means lots of cooking, cleaning and shopping. Am I up for it? ;) Need to find some items to donate for a team fundraiser. I can't think of anything we don't use besides clothes. I suppose I should be proud of that.

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .

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