Sunday, January 24, 2010

Outside my window: Dark, but expected to be 43 and rainy today! Woot!? ( in January? In Michigan?)

I am thinking...still trying to figure out our many blessings. Probably should just be grateful and not try to analyze.

I am thankful .....boys who were able to go to the March 4 Life due to the generosity of family and friends.

From the schoolroom..... determined to stick to a better routine this week, although I know certain parties are going to be whupped and out of it for the first couple days due to their travels.

From the kitchen ...need to remember not to make certain things that only "I" will eat, like blue cheese-mushroom quiche ( that also has bacon in it). What was I thinking?! ;)

I am reading and watching and listening to:

Listened to:
Honolulu by Alan Bennett

So-so. There were a lot of interesting facts about the Asian population in Hawaii at the time.

The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene

What is about Graham Greene? Even though his main characters are middle aged men I can always so relate to the inner turmoil they are going through. Probably because they aren't endemic to only men, but for all. After reading "Brideshead Revisited" I understand the comparisons between he and Evelyn Waugh. Those British, Catholic-converts. They know how to tell it like it is. No sugar coating the truths of life. I always find that refreshing. I know Mr Greene had some unorthodox views, but unlike some of his novels, he came full circle by the end of his life. I seem to "feel" that in his novels, even the ones written well before his death. He is grappling with but knows the truth. And in his case, the truth won out.

"a Jekyll and Hyde character, who has not succeeded in fusing the two sides of himself into any kind of harmony." Malcom Muggeridge

It was both apt and prophetic that Greene should have taken the name of St. Thomas the Doubter at his reception into the Church in February 1926. Whatever else he was or wasn't, he was always a doubter par excellence. He doubted others; he doubted himself; he doubted God. Ironically, it was this very doubt that so often provided the creative force for his fiction. Perhaps the secret of his enduring popularity lies in his being a doubting Thomas in an age of doubt. As such, Greene's Catholicism becomes an enigma, a conversation piece - even a gimmick. Yet if his novels owe a debt to doubt, their profundity lies in the ultimate doubt about the doubt. In the end this ultimate doubt about doubt kept Graham Greene clinging doggedly, desperately - and doubtfully - to his faith.

From "Graham Greene, Doubter Par Excellence" Joesph Pearce


The Tea Rose by Jennifer Connelly

Jury is out on this one. I sniff an agenda, although it is certainly entertaining.

Around the house.. Warmer temps gave a chance to go and somewhat organize the garage, which has become a collecting place for odds and ends. At least we can walk through it in a straight line.
One of my favorite things: a walk on a country lane. I wonder if the novelty of living out here in the quiet and beauty of nature will someday wear off?

What will we do this week: Nothing out of the ordinary. Catechism, classes, indoor soccer.....and another winter birthday. ;) A trip to IKEA on Saturday for some bunkbeds ( yay! for tax refunds ;) ( yes I know it is madness to go to IKEA on a Saturday ;) We made a family trip to the "Y" yesterday. After getting three littles suited up, showered ( besides myself) and ready to swim we hadn't been in the pool 3 minutes when they announced they were closing for 45 mins to clean the pool. ?-- why can't that be done BEFORE the Y opens? And why can't they put a sign on the locker room door stating they will be doing this at such and such a time? ARGGGGG!
On a happier note I like the scale at the "Y" much better than ours. It must be more accurate.....right? ;)

Pictures I'm sharing....Manny got a "Potato Head" playdough set in his stocking. This is what we came up with. Winter arrangements with dried bounty from our marsh.

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