Friday, January 29, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Charlie and Kaveon
Jackson's photos from the March For Life. Hoardes of people ignored by the media!

Noah at Little Round Top in Gettysburg?

1. It's weird not having to ask Gabriella if she needs a diaper change. Weird in a good way.

2. I watched a movie called "Housewife 49" last night. Tim took most of the kids to a basketball game. It was thoroughly delightful. About a woman in England who wrote a journal about daily life during the second World War. I also watched "Mrs Miniver" which was along the same lines. Don't know why this theme has snuck into my life lately. I think I must be turning into an Anglophile because I almost can't watch movies with American actors in them anymore. Why do the British have such talent ( or really, most Europeans) for understatement in acting. I loved Victoria Wood. On that note I am highly pleased at the large selection of great movies and non fiction dvds I found at the Rochester library this time around.

3. I just came in from outside and noticed there was a deer in the yard staring at me. I can't get over the novelty of this. :) Although, I would like to try a garden this summer and know that all these critters are notoriously pesky for chewing up gardens.

4. Been reading "Mother Teresa, In Her Own Words" which is unsettling, at best. Unsettling because her words penetrate your very soul, and make it re-evaluate dearly held beliefs and actions, especially toward the poor.

"Do you not believe that it can happen, on the other hand, that we treat the poor like they are a garbage bag in which we throw everything we have no use for ? Food we do not like or is going bad- we throw it in there. An article of clothing that is not in style anymore, that we do not want to wear again, goes to the poor. This does not show any respect for the dignity of the poor;..... but to consider them less than our equals. "

5. Manny needs to have a filling. I've never heard of a 5 year old needing a filling. I really don't think he eats more sweets or brushes less :) than any of his siblings who have been mostly filling-free throughout the years. Except for a notable exception, big brother Zak. Who Does Eat A LOT OF Sweets. :) Another thing to add to my "Mother Guilt" list. :)

6. I walked 2 miles in the cold this week. I'd do it again if it wasn't quite so cold. Under 30 degrees makes things rather unbearable.

7. In that same vein, when it was a bit warmer last week, I started having terrible allergy symptoms. My eyes and nose were running like a faucet, but stopped abruptly once the temps went below freezing again. I am new to all this allergy stuff. Never was bothered by it until a couple years ago. I wish I knew what exactly it was that causes the problems. Not that I could conceivably avoid them. :)

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