Sunday, January 10, 2010

For Dad, Mom and Nan....and Aunt Becky :) A New View

Original dining area that we are using as a music room right now.
This is what you will see as you first turn in the driveway....our address :)
The driveway
The house from the front drive
Deer droppings are a novelty to a girl who has lived in the city for the past 10 years. :)
The marsh
View from the front porch
Inside the marsh ( you can do that when it's below freezing ;)
More marshy-ness

One of the many empty birdfeeders.....poor little birds!
Back of the house
Living room and stairs going upstairs
Living room
Office aka "dumping ground" for things we aren't sure what to do with.
My little corner of the office, it's a pretty shade of blue/turquoise
Dining room
View from the back of the dining room looking into the kitchen

Didn't do the upstairs or downstairs, but this was overload enough for one post :)

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