Sunday, August 9, 2009

Daybook, August 9th, 2009

The "Joe Vrazo" clan, sans Lisa, London and Graham. Sniff! ( hmmm, I don't see Jay in there, either :) Off partying!)

outside my window: I might think I was in Florida except there are no palm trees. :) Steamy and hot.

I am thinking......about Dyl. He's probably landed in Nicaragua by now. He seemed a bit subdued and nervous yesterday. Of course, a mother hates to see her child nervous :) We watched "Knowing" the night before which was a silly choice ( lots of air disasters :( But once Andrew showed up with his buoyant self....he seemed to perk up and off he went, his usual happy-go-lucky self.

I am thankful . ..the graduation party was NOT today! Phew! We had almost perfect weather, except a little windy, which ruined my decorations :( :)

From the schoolroom. . .time to start thinking and planning. NOW! ( well, maybe it can wait another week ;)

From the kitchen ...stuffed cubanelle peppers yesterday. I think I like those better than stuffed green peppers. Blueberry pie, strawberry pie, blueberry buckle, crab corn chowder, beef burgandy. All this was made today and yesterday. I think I needed a distraction from Dyl's departure ;)

I am wearing . .plum and cream print skirt, plum t-shirt and plum flip flops. I am feeling purple....

which reminds me of my Aunt Lydia's favorite poem, "When I am old I will wear purple". I guess it has come to that. :)

I am reading and watching . .listening on cd :

Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh This was strange, humorous, interesting and profound all at the same time. Loved it!

Emma Blau's Vision: This one had potential as a good story, but it had so much *modern* dumbness inserted in it. Homosexuality, adultery, the token priest who disavows his vows and becomes involved with a woman, on and on......

it all seemed so "INSERTED" instead of relavant to the tale. I'm not quite sure why I even continued listening to it after the first five chapters. As I said, it was an interesting tale of a German immigrants life in turn of the century ( and beyond) America, so I guess that kept me going but Ididn't end up finishing it out of chagrain.

What is funny, is that Brideshead Revisited had pretty much all the same things in it ( although presented in a much more subdued manner...and no errant priest...I guess that subject was still sacred back when it was written :) but it WAS there to show how man can be redeemed even from the most troubling parts of human nature. Emma Blau celebrated them. I guess that was the difference.

It was also read by the author who was German and she read it in such a strange way. I'm not sure I can describe what is was that annoyed me about it, but it did. ( and had nothing to do, I think, with her Germaness :)


Clover: Henry Adams wife. I gave up on listening to "The Education of Henry Adams" There was too much in there to read over and ponder, not easily done while listening. So, I found a book about his wife, which includes him, of course. Very interesting, so far. I need to find a hard copy of TEofHA.


Knowing: I never will understand what people see in Nicholas Cage. This one had potential as an interesting story but it seemed to fall apart at the end and disintegrate into silliness.

Emma ( Masterpiece Theatre version with Kate Bleckett) I liked this one better than the Gweneth Paltrow one. How's that for a review!?!? ;)

I am hearing . ...Tiger game.....

Around the house. ...bulk of the week was spent packing and organizing things from the party. It almost felt like an after Christmas pack up by Saturday! Argh!

One of my favorite things. ...a misty walk at Metro/

What will we do this week. ...we were planning on camping Tue/Wed/Thur....but a phone call saying Dad is in the Er has put that on hold until we see how he is doing.

After that, it's time to start fall planning!

Here’s a picture I am sharing. ....a few graduation party pictures. We did't get many....too busy, I guess :)

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mum, its kate beckinsal, and i prefer the other version, personally.


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