Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daybook, August 16th 2009

"She was dressed extravagantly and gaudily, as I would expect a Catholic to be!" Innocent Traitor, Alison Weir. L.O.L !

outside my window:

cooler and sunny. yay!

I am thinking.....

I am thankful .....

our Nicaragua boy returned safe and sound and very upbeat about his time there.

From the schoolroom. ....

well, we got the basement mostly cleaned and looking school-ish. Now it is time to tackle the books!

From the kitchen ...

pretty much too warm to cook anything exciting this week. I did make some chicken/lemon/rice soup, which Jed actually liked and wanted more of, so I feel like it was a score! ;)

I am wearing . ..

beige capri's, orange scoop neck t-shirt, orange bangle and hoops. I certainly am colorful lately!

I am reading and watching . .listening on cd :

Innocent Traitor, Alison Weir: which was a historical novel about Lady Jane Grey. I thought it was pretty well done, even though I generally don't like historical novels. Usually the *REAL* story is gripping enough.

Return of the Native: Thomas Hardy


Clover: Henry Adams wife. I gave up on listening to "The Education of Henry Adams" There was too much in there to read over and ponder, not easily done while listening. So, I found a book about his wife, which includes him, of course. Very interesting, so far. I need to find a hard copy of TEofHA.


I actually WENT to a theater and saw a movie: Julie/Julia. It was very cute and a nice story, but ( and you knew this was coming) why oh why must some sort of crassness and a jib at republicans be in EVERY modern made movie? What does s-e-x have to do with Julia Child??? Can we have a movie without s-e-x inserted into it? Just askin'?

I am hearing ....general chatter interspersed by silence. Dylan playing the guitar.

Around the house. ...basement cleaned and general organizing. Still need to work on backyard/frontyard and shed. And of course school, which takes precedent, at this point. :)

One of my favorite things. ..camping

What will we do this week. ...Naomi had a day out at the mall with friends on Monday. Tuesday, I had a night out :) at the movies with friends, Wed. cousin Matt Vrazo comes into town, so some visits with him today and tomorrow. Friday, Metro with some pals and Sunday, a Redeemer Reunion. Jax and George started soccer, looks like Dyl will assistant coach their team. Naomi continues on with her team after a lackluster tournament this past weekend. Why does soccer season have to start when school does? May I ask who came up with that plan? ;)

Here’s a picture I am sharing. ...Peek-a-boo!
I really don't know how those *squares* got in here. Naomi, help! :)

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