Thursday, June 5, 2008

Can't anything ever be easy?

I remember my boss from the flower shop I worked at saying this quite a bit in days past.
I used to inwardly chuckle at her *stressing* out because I was just a young girl ( well, I was married, but still young :) and since my life wasn't overly complicated OR stressful most of the time I couldn't imagine what she could be crabbing about!

Well, times have changed :) and I often find myself muttering the same thing. It seems like the simplest task is always made more complicated by a myriad of problems.

Today was a perfect example.

It was hot and looked like it was going to stay hot for a couple days so the kids wanted to fill up the pool. What could be simpler?

First we had to hook up the hose. We actually have a hose on there, but it goes down to the basement toilet ( don't ask :). Once we got that undone so we didn't have to fish it up through the basement window we tried hooking up the new hose I had just bought only to find it didn't fit on the spigot correctly and was leaking like crazy.
We then found an old hose nearby and decided to give that a try.......after I spend about 15 minutes untangling it.

Great! That one worked. On to finding the pool. Found.......but absolutely filthy! Gosh, it was caked with mud ( not surprising since our yard is a bit slim on grass coverage). Jackson and I spend at least another 15 minutes scrubbing and rinsing it ( of course it had many little *creases* that had the most grub in them).

Got it set up, but needed some sort of pump to fill up the rings ( no way I was going to try blowing them up myself). Another great chunk of time trying to find the pump THAT IS USUALLY ON THE SHELF IN THE GARAGE! grrrrr The pump didn't work very well (bicycle type). Remembered we had an electric one that worked terrificly ( AFTER we had to go looking for extension cords to plug it in with :).

Deep breath! FINALLY!!!! The hose went in and up came the water, but at that point I was shaking my head at the humongous amount of time spent for such a small payoff :) ( well, for me, anyway...the kids got about 15 minutes of fun out of it all before they were off to do something else.)

I am writing this to make sure that some day when life is less complicated and perhaps even boring.............................................

I will look back and chuckle inwardly at myself *stressing* out. ;)

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