Thursday, January 3, 2008

O Come, O Come Immanuel! :)

Yes, I know we weren't liturgically correct naming our son Immanuel when he was born on Epiphany that year. :) ( One of our friends joked that we should have named him Balthasar, Gaspar (or Casper), and/or Melchior after the three wisemen!) Still, we liked the meaning of the name *God with us*. We felt His presence very keenly at the time of his birth since it was by far the roughest out of the bunch.
This boy definitely keeps us on our toes, but infuses our lives with much joy and laughter. His energy and *joy de vivre* are contagious. I once mused to my mother that when you have a firecracker for number 9 verses #1 or #2, you tend to chuckle more at his antics than stress ( although there is a good bit of stressing, too *wink*).

Happy, Happy Birthday our *main Man*!!! We are so glad God gave you to us 3 YEARS ago!!!!

Naomi made the awesome *Larry Boy* cake!


kris said...

Naomi's cake-baking business is open 4 business!!!! I put a lot of hard work into that cake and I like the way it came out soooooo, thanks mom for u kno... putting it on ur blog!

LOVe Ya LoTs,

Chef Naomi

Anonymous said...

Great cake, Naomi! -Aunt Alice :)
Kris - Manny does look like a firecracker! What a cutie!
Enjoyed the Christmas, etc. pics too!

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