Friday, January 4, 2008

It does my heart good....

Little Ella did something cute today ( ok--she is always doing something cute! she is 1 yo! :)
We went up to Naomi's room to wake her up this morning and she immediately zeroed in on Naomi's American Girl doll ( all gussied up in her soccer outfit). She reached out her hands and I took her over to it. We picked it up and she grabbed hold of it, hugged it--then gave it a big smooch!

Why is this significant to her mother?

Just days ago I happened upon her playing with her brother's car ----complete with *vroom, vroom* sounds.
My heart sank as I thought a tomboy was in the works ( nothing wrong with tomboys, but when you have 8 REAL boys, a girlie girl might be nice (Naomi is getting there :)
So there is hope.........

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