Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dylan is 17 today!

There....I said it.
This is another tough birthday for me.
Somehow turning 17 volts you from the *child* stage to the *graduation, college and many other adult-type activities are looming just a year from now* stage :).
Ahhhh-- wasn't he just dressing up in his Robin Hood costume and shooting plastic arrows just a while back? Sitting at the piano in Sweden in his blanket sleeper singing his heart out a few years ago? ( He was only a year old!) Riding in the wagon with next brother Noah ( and people asking if they were twins) ?
I refuse to say * time flies* because I know it is such a cliche ( but I said it anyway, didn't I? :)

Happy Birthday our dear son. You are a joy and make us SO proud!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dylan!
God bless you,
Aunt Alice
(miss you guys!)

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