Friday, July 12, 2013

this blog has been too long neglected

 am sitting next to a fire. No one is yet awake. The lake is gently rippling before me as I look contrast to the gale force winds and white caps of yesterday. :) peaceful moments like these are a gift and unexpected blessing. They are provided from above, and should remind me to trust. I've been trying to make a practice of finding something to be thankful for each day. If I am honest, I find many graces to be found even in the worst moments. It's only my childish nature that wants to paint all black and despair. Already one young boy has escaped from the cabin and will be clamoring for some breakfast made on our humble campstove. This work, this service has above all saved me from swirling thoughts and quivering knees.In difficult times, what a treasure the mundane is.  "The idea that humans can capture a mere mood--"happiness"--and somehow preserve it seems absurd. As an aim for a life, it is not only doomed but infantile."

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